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Next Auction: April 28th

    We will hold an Oceanic art auction on April 28th, including a series of fine masks, figurines, shields, spears, paintings, furniture, and textiles. You can visit InvaluableLive Auctioneers and our website to view our all our items online and join our competitive auction now!

Auction Preview

321. Courthouse Painting "Crime/Sin and Punishment"
Large polychromatic oil painting. it is one panel from a wall of a 17th century Balinese “courthouse” looted by dutch conquerors. Note the sword cuts around the sides. it is a very detailed painting of many figures in a stylistic contest depicting the theme, “crime/sin and punishment”.

H:45in(114.3cm) W:90in(228.6cm)

Lot 226 Wood Carved Dan Mask
L:12 1/4in(31.1cm)

Lot 228 Indonesian Rangda Mask
8in(20.3cm) X 7in(17.8cm) X 3in(7.6cm)

Lot 230 Carved and Shell Decorated Figure
L:23 1/2in(59.7cm) W:6in(15.2cm)

Lot 233 Ebony Carved Drummer
H:10 1/2in(26.7cm)

Lot 236 Ancestral Wooden Figure with Eagle
H:40 1/2in(102.9cm) W:53in(134.6cm)

Lot 245 Wood Carved Figure with Red Eyes
L:26 1/2in(67.3cm) W: 5 1/2in(14 cm)

Lot 247 Male Ancestral Figure
H:33 1/2in(85cm)  W:4in(10.2cm)

Lot 249 Kerewa Region Drum
L:30(76.2cm) W:4 1/2in(11.4cm)

Lot 252 Papua New Guinea Wood Carved Figure
L:28 1/2in(72.4cm)

Lot 259 Abelam Male Ancestral Figure; Middle Sepik River
H:53 3/4in(136.5cm)

Lot 261 Asmat War Shield

Lot 263 Turama War Shield

Lot 268 Group of 3 throwing Spears
L:54in(137.2cm) 51in(129.5cm) 48in(122cm)

Lot 269 Large Black Spear with Shell Decoration

Lot 271 Papua New Guinea Skull Rack

Lot 272 Gulf Wooden Board
L:18 1/4in(46.4cm)

Lot 280 Maori Carved Wood Treasure Box
H:7 1/2in(19cm) W:7 1/2in(19cm)

Lot 282 Papua New Guinea Wood Carved Horn
L:15in(38cm) H:16in(40.6 cm) 

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