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Next Auction: April 28th

Our next Asian & International auction will be held on April 28th including jade, snuff bottles, jewelry, figurines, porcelains, etc. You can visit Invaluable, Live Auctioneers and our website to view our all our items online and join our competitive auction now!

Auction Preview

Lot 1 Spinach Jade Carved Snuff Bottle

H:2 1/4in(5.7cm)

Lot 2 Pair of Jade Carved Wine Cups on Stands
H:2.5cm 38g

Lot 3 Jade Carved Seated Scholar; Ming Dynasty
H:4in(10.2cm) W:2 1/2in(6.4cm) 331g

Lot 4 Jade Carved Rat on His Toes
H:1 3/8in(3.5cm) W:2 1/2in(6.4cm) 72g

Lot 5 Jade Carved Elephant
H:2 1/4in(5.7cm) W:2 3/8in(6cm) 56g

Lot 6 Pair of Raw Jade Pieces
51g 142g

Lot 10 Agate Carved Brush Washer
H:1in(2.5cm) W:2 1/2in(6.4cm) 65g

Lot 22 Jade Carved Ceremonial Offering Cup
H:2in(5cm) W:2in(5cm) 67g

Lot 23 Stone and Glass Group of Seven
Height Range: 2 1/2in(6.4cm) - 5in(12.7cm)

Lot 35 Mother of Peal Carved Lan Caihe
H:10 3/4in(27.3cm) W:6in(15.2cm)

Lot 63 Qinghua Rice Grain Pattern Plate and Bowl
BOWL: H:2 1/8in(5.4cm) D:4 3/4in(12cm)
PLATE D:7in(17.8cm)

Lot 72 Blue Globular Vase with Fixed Beast Handles
H:11 1/2(29.2cm) W:5 1/2in(14cm)

Lot 92 Japanese Satsuma Vase

H:12in(30.5cm) W:7in(17.8cm) M:3in(7.6cm)

Lot 93 Japanese Wooden Kitchen Utensils

Lot 94 Japanese Imari Squat Shaped Vase
H:6in(15.2cm) W:6 1/2in(16.5cm) M:3in(7.6cm)

Lot 95 Japanese Imari Pear Shaped Vase
H:9 1/2in(24.1cm) W:5in(12.7cm) M:2 1/2in(6.4cm)

Lot 151 Lapis Lazuli Carved Ding Vessel
H:3 1/2in(8.7cm) W:4 1/2in(11.4cm)

Lot 170 White Ground Cloisonne Tea Caddy
H: 3 3/4in(9.5cm) W:2 1/2in(6.4cm)

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